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The following picture and story about our workshops appeared in the Champaign-Urbana News-Gazette, 21 July 1998. (By the way, would you like to borrow the sorting network pictured here? It's available for loan from our lending library.)

Lenny and teachers wandering around our sorting network

Teachers attending the MATHmaniaCS workshop on the University of Illinois campus walk through a computer circuit demonstration. They were near the UI's Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology on Monday.

Educators get inside computers

URBANA -- Teachers taking part in a workshop at the University of Illinois this week won't even touch a computer, but they will learn about the science behind computers.

On Monday, about 25 area teachers started the weeklong workshop, called MATHmaniaCS and sponsored by the Illinois State Board of Education.

They began the day by walking through a computer circuit laid out in the grass near the UI's Beckman Institue for Advanced Science and Technology, simulating the way a computer sorts.

UI computer science Professor Lenny Pitt said teachers will be introduced this week to discrete mathematics (math involving finite objects) and the foundations of computer science. They also will see fun, hands-on and exploratory experiences to bring into the classroom when teaching topics in math and computers.

The workshop is geared toward teachers of grades one through 12.

All participants receive a $300 stipend.

Though this week's workshop is full, there are still some spots available for the MATHmaniaCS workshop that runs Aug. 3 through Aug. 7.

For more information, call 244-6027 or e-mail Pitt at